Sarazin Basson is a company that wants to bring new solutions to the current challenges of French bassoon.

Progress , Excellence and Made in France are the 3 founding principles of the company.

Increasing the visibility of the instrument is also part of our prerogatives. We offer free content that aims to:

      • To help bassoonists, from novice to professional, to use and improve their equipment 

-> Advice and other content on double reeds on the website, Facebook account and Instagram.

      • Inspire and make you want to play French bassoon

-> Videos on Youtube and audio recordings on streaming platforms: Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer etc.

Sarazin Basson's objective is to become a strong, solid and sustainable French company: a company by and for the French bassoon.

The profound ambition of this project is to create a new brand of French bassoon.

Are you interested in the project? 

We need passionate and motivated people like you! 

Send me a message by email: contact@sarazinbasson.com or on mobile: 

Goodbye !