VERSAILLES model - Finished PRO reed


End the hassle!

No more hassle adjusting your reed. Dip, put on the jar and enjoy!

You will receive a reed already tuned and ready to play.



Density is calculated on each reed. Reeds that are too soft and too hard are eliminated. Thanks to this step, you are sure to have a reed that works.

Shape 20 - white headstock
This is a straight, fairly thin shape that allows ease of play in all registers. It brings a rich timbre and is suitable for solo parts.

Shape 15 - gray doll
This shape is a little wider and a little more flared. It allows for a round sound which is well suited for accompaniment and bring warmth to your musical discourse.

Adjustments by hand
I take a day to adjust them:

  • Depending on whether the reed is soft or hard, I tighten the rings more or less and scratch a point if necessary.
  • I work on intonation, emission and sound, leaving the pitch slightly low to allow the reed to rise slowly. This will last longer.
There may be a line at the level of the step on one of the pallets. This means that the reed works best with the stroke up. If there is no line, the reed works on both sides. And if you don't know, I advise you to have the smiling reed.


  • Handmade for a longer long durability.
  • Shapes from Rieger
  • Model played by Théo Sarazin, principal bassoon at the Paris Opera
  • Reeds disinfected.
  • Reed finished: ready to play
  • Reed from Donati (or Silvacane)

Eco friendly

Concerned about the environment, Sarazin Basson uses eco-responsible packaging, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).


Our reeds are all disinfected with technology UV sterilization which eliminates 99% bacteria.


If the product is out of stock, it will be offered to you for pre-order. You will be delivered as soon as the product is available again. You will be fully refunded if you have not been delivered within 2 months.

    After-sales service

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