Sarazin reed

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Take on your concerts, auditions or competitions serenely with the Sarazin model: easy playing, rich, round sound and optimized accuracy for all levels.


  • 3 choices of densities: Soft, Medium and Hard
  • Length: 120mm
  • Gouging: 1.3mm
  • Tapering: 0.9mm at the base, 0.6 at the tip.
  • 2 form choices (Rieger): 20 or 15
  • Form 20: 14.5mm tip width
    • Shape 15: 16mm tip width
      • Paddle size: 29.5mm
      • Tested and tuned by: Théo Sarazin, principal bassoon at the Paris Opera

      "Get the most out of your bassoon with these reeds. It's high time to think only about enjoying!"

      Theo Sarazin

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      How to choose the density?

      • Soft: You like to blow without biting.
      • Medium: You like to have a bit of lip sensation.
      • Hard: You like to have a fairly strong mouthfeel.

      Eco-friendly packaging

      Concerned about the environment, Sarazin Basson uses eco-responsible packaging, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).


      Our reeds are all disinfected with UV sterilization technology which eliminates 99% of bacteria.


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