Starting the french bassoon

This article gives you all the informations you need to start playing French bassoon.

Why start the french bassoon ?

Play all styles of music

With the french bassoon, it is possible to play absolutely all styles of music. From ancient music, through classical music, variety, jazz to current music, from the moment you create a note, you are free to do what you want.

Because it makes you feel good.

As science has proven, music is good for the brain. It acts like an anti-anxiety medication, improves cognitive abilities, softens moods, reduces stress, boosts creativity and improves concentration for everyone, from children to the elderly. Playing a musical instrument is the best way to enjoy and share this endorphin rush.

Music and Sport

The dimension of surpassing oneself is also something present in music. The common points between music and sport are numerous as far as performance is concerned. Music allows you to surpass yourself, to push your limits but also to accept yourself emotionally.


How to play ?

Amateur or professional

Pratique Amateur

Amateur practice is the preferred type of practice for bassoonists. The French bassoon is a great way to get some fresh air after a long day of work: whether it is during an individual lesson, or a group lesson like the wind band or the symphony orchestra for example.

Events such as concerts or auditions allow you to create strong relationships with other musicians. Sharing with the public is a great feeling.

 The amateur practice allows you to play solo, chamber music, orchestra, banda, jazz group, rock group, variety, electro etc. Only your imagination will impose a limit!

Never forget that an amateur practice places the pleasure dimension at the center of its priorities.



The French bassoon offers the possibility of a professional career. There are many opportunities:

  • Artistic teaching

This is a privileged choice for professional bassoonists.

The French bassoon is not widespread enough, it is important to contribute to its development!

  • Orchestra

There are more than forty professional orchestras in France listed on the site of the Cite de la Musique de Paris. Out of these forty orchestras, 23 use the French system!

  • Chamber music

Groups such as wind quintet, bassoon quartet, reed trio or piano trio, for example, allow for the creation of numerous projects!

  • Temporary employment in the entertainment industry

The job of intermittent performer allows you to diversify your projects, to travel all over France, to meet an incredible number of different people, in very diverse musical styles.

  • Your imagination is the only limit

In the 21st century, it has never been so easy to create your own job. You can for example:

  • Play in hospitals
  • Become an online teacher
  • Participate in the demos: school orchestra program
  • Create an educational or non-educational show
  • Become a mediator: do musical mediation
  • Become a bassoon reed teacher / reed maker
  • Become a music entrepreneur
  • To be a concert performer
  • Create or be part of a jazz band or any other style of music.

The ideas are endless and your only limit is your imagination! When will there be a bassoon on the moon ?


Where to find a french bassoon ?

Before looking for a bassoon, it is important to know what you will use it for. If it is an amateur practice, a second hand bassoon. If you want to make it professionally, a professional model, recent or new, is to be considered.


For what concerns the new one, here is what I have to propose you:

  • Buffet Crampon

The company Buffet Crampon manufactures mainly professional models. It is the historical brand of the French bassoon.

Click here



  • Aj Music

​​​​​​​Amaury Montac, founder of Aj Music offers new French bassoons:

  • Model for children called "petites mains".
  • Study model
  • Professional model.

Click here

  • Ducasse

Yannick Ducasse offers new French bassoons:

  • Model for children called "petites mains".
  • Study model
  • Professional model

Click here

Second hand:

Regarding the occasion:

Where to start ?

There are many ways to start the French bassoon. In conservatories, music schools or on the internet, there is no lack of places to start.




- (I don't know if there are french bassoonists)


- Ask your teacher !


Music school / Conservatory

On the Cite de la musique website, find the conservatory closest to you! Click here

If you can't find one, ask to be part of the Facebook group "BASSON PARIS" which gathers a large number of French bassoonists who will be able to help you find the rare pearl!


Other resources

I strongly recommend you to have a look at the Association Bassons website which gathers a lot of useful information about news, CDs releases, bassoon congresses dates (1 per year!), instrument sale announcements, music courses and more! 

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me at this address:, maybe I can help you!

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