French bassoon reeds


Unique reed model
Each bassoonist, at all levels, has high demands on his reed.

Available in 3 densities: Soft, Medium and Hard, the Sarazin reed is there to meet all your needs.

Finally approach your auditions, concerts and competitions serenely with easy playing, rich sound and optimized pitch.

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A low-cost reed that is worth it
Intended for bassoonists, teachers and students, this gouged and tapered reed is a seine base for all practices.

Also available in 3 densities: Soft, Medium and Hard, this reed allows you to save and gain autonomy.

There is still the stages of the form and the assembly to be carried out. All information is available by clicking on the button below.

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What people are saying...

  • "I do ultra piano nuances in the bass [...] the result is really great, I've never descended into the nuances so easily without the reed being low at the base."


  • "The reeds (...) are very pleasant to play and sound very good."


  • "I find them excellent, very stable in terms of pitch, it's very pleasant. [...] There's a very nice sound [...] congratulations, it's very pleasant to having such a well tuned reed."


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